Ever Eaten Fried Duck Tongue In Bangkok?

Fried Duck Tongue With Dipping Sauce Anyone?Bangkok Restaurants - Borkung Restaurant 


119/6 Ratchada-Tapra Soi 8, Bukkalo, Thonburi 10160

The Borkung Restaurant is one of mine and my wife’s favorite places to eat when visiting Bangkok, Thailand.  Located on Soi 8 not far from THE MALL Thapra, the restaurant is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. You can sit outside at one of the wooden bench tables or there is inside seating available as well.

The menu consists of incredible seafood dishes and traditional Thai dishes, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.  They also serve fried duck tongue with a dipping sauce which we generally order along with steamed large prawn which are sold by weight.  The prawns that are served are incredible.  They also come with a green spicy dipping sauce that just adds to their flavor.  Personally, I NEVER ate duck tongue before going to Thailand and it was definitely an interesting side dish to try.  The taste wasn’t too bad and they appear to be deep-fried so I could deal with that.  They are kind of tough to chew and the spicy dipping sauce helps add flavor.

The restaurant has a full beverage menu to include domestic and international beers, hard liquor and soda.  If you want to you can even buy a 750ml bottle of Johnny Walker to have at your table, which seems to be a popular drink amongst the locals, which you can drink at your leisure.  The wait staff is very attentive, friendly, and helpful while making your dining experience a pleasure.  For entertainment they also have live music.

When in Bangkok I highly recommend visiting the Borkung Restaurant. The prices are very reasonable and its a fun place to go with friends and family to eat a great meal and maybe try something ‘different’ in a very casual setting.


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  1. Hmm fried duck tongue.. I must try! Look at the size of those huge prawns, you just made me wanna pack up and go to Bangkok!
    Aggy would like you to check out..Tulips and Their NamesMy Profile

    • The prawns are awesome and the sauce the come with really adds a great flavor. Sold by weight by the way and unfortunately each time I go back the price is a little higher. Worth it though with a side of duck tongue. :-)


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