Street Food In Thailand – Part 1

Ahhhhhh Street Food…..

Anywhere you travel in Thailand you will pretty much run into a street vendor selling some sort of Street Food.

The variety of the dishes available will vary based on which region you are in as well. The types of food cover all the meat groups:  chicken, pork, beef, and fish.  The meat is usually skewered on a stick and grilled over hot coals .Many choices for any tasteSoup is cooked and bagged in a small plastic bag and white rice or sticky rice accompanies it along with a selection of mixed greens.  Whole fish are grilled over hot coals as well and again it comes with rice and greens. Chopped up, seasoned fish meat is wrapped in banana leaves and is cooked over hot coals which steams the fish inside.   Accompanied by sticky rice makes it a wonderful and I believe healthy fast food because its all natural ingredients.So many varieties of Thai Street Food to choose from  So make sure when you are in Thailand you give the Street Vendors some business and yourself a wonderful meal that will fill your stomach, but won’t empty your pocket.
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