Irish Pub, Skopje, Macedonia

This past weekend my Buddy’s and I decided to take a day trip to Skopje, Macedonia.  Sounds like a normal and easy thing to do, but if you haven’t experienced driving in the Balkans along the winding roads through the mountains and the craziness of the drivers you encounter along the way, it’s really not as easy as it seems.  However, we finally, and safely, made it and our first stop was for breakfast at the IRISH PUB,, which is near the city center and close to the Holiday Inn.

Photograph Of The Exterior Of The St. Patrick's Irish Pub In Skopje, Macedonia

St. Patrick’s Irish Pub In Skopje, Macedonia

We decided to have an “Irish Breakfast” to celebrate Bob’s birthday.  Since this was an adventure outside of Kosovo, being able to have pork products again was a treat for us.  A single breakfast was 99 Dinar and the double was 200 Dinar; the difference was an extra egg and coffee included.

Photograph Of A Hearty Irish Breakfast

Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Beans, And Cheese

Inside the Irish Pub the interior has a lot of wooden accents and gave me a familiar feeling of an Irish Pub I have visited in Boston, The Black Rose;

Photograph Of The Interior Of St. Patrick's Irish Pub In Skopje, Macedonia

The Interior Of St. Patrick’s Irish Pub

The staff was very friendly and helpful.  Some of them are bilingual so if you have a question they are glad to help out.

Photograph Of One Of The Helpful And Friendly Wait Staff At St. Patrick's Irish Pub Skopje, Macedonia

A photograph of our cute waitress during our visit to St. Patrick’s Irish Pub

So, the start of our adventure beginning at the Irish Pub was an excellent choice. I recommend if you are ever in Skopje that you stop by and have a bite to eat and toss down a few beers as well.  The food quality is good and the prices are right.  This was an uncompensated review and is my own opinion based on my experience there.

Found this Pocket City Guide online you may want to check out if you are headed that way:

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