The Kosovo Caves – Republic of Kosovo

The Kosovo Caves are located in the quaint little village of Gadime E Poshtme in the Republic of Kosovo. If you try to search for them on Google or any other search engine, you will probably come up with hits showing they are in Serbia.  Kosovo is still a disputed territory because Serbia still has ownership claims and not all countries have recognized Kosovo’s independence.  However, If you ever have a chance or desire to visit Kosovo they are worth a visit and the admission fee is affordable.

Kosovo Caves Entrance

So, on a day trip along with @thtravelfool and another colleague, we all set forth to explore what the caves had to offer.  After paying the admission fee, the woman who spoke no English said something to us that involved what we thought was “ten minutes”, but we ventured on inside on our own accord.

They have provided crude lighting to show the way and the paths are easy to follow, but puddles of water can be hidden in the shadows as one of my colleagues found out the hard way.  The large splash we heard as he entered the cave ahead of us was comical to say the least.  :-)  And no, it wasn’t the @thetravelfool.  He and I shared the laugh together.

Stalagmites and Stalactites Kosovo Caves

Some of the formations reminded me of an alien landscape and were bone like.

Formations that looked alien like.

This particular formation looks like a phantom hand coming out of the ceiling of the cave.

The Phantom Hand

There was even a small patch of greenery that somehow managed to grow within the cave.  It had a very fine texture, almost like what grows on a chia pet for lack of a better description.

Small patch of greenery growing deep within the Kosovo caves.

This one looked like some sort of alien being trying to hide up on the wall.

Small natural formation of an alien being

These were tiny little crystals that were forming on one part of the cave ceiling.  It was amazing finding all these little different creations as you moved throughout the cave.

Ceiling Crystals

After about 30 minutes or so of solo ‘spelunking’ we heard footsteps and it was the woman who had sold us the tickets.  She motioned to us to follow her and brought us through the rest of the cave and then we exited.  This little guy from the village was there to greet us as we exited the cave and was looking for some money; so for a Euro this was the best smile I could get out of him.

Meet and Greet Outside the Kosovo Caves

Adjoining the ticket booth is a coffee shop / bar / restaurant if you desire to sit for a bit and have a cold beer and tease the one with the wet pant leg.  :-)

Coffe Shop / Bar / Restaurant

Kosovo is still a developing country after over 13 years since the war.  As far as natural sites go, this is probably one of the best ones.  The Kosovo Caves is definitely one site you should see if ever passing through the Balkans.

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  1. Those formations are creepy as hell – they look like they’re from some kind of alien planet. Bleargh! Interesting, but I wouldn’t dare go in alone…
    Tom @ Waegook Tom would like you to check out..Malaysia’s Big Breakfast – The Nasi LemakMy Profile

    • A fascinating place to see. They had some of the interior lights off in one section and it was pitch black, but luckily I had my mini SureFire flashlight with me. :)

  2. G Girl says:

    This is very cool! LOVING this website. Glad you are making the best of things! Keep sending us cool adventure photo’s! Would love to go on one of these field trips with you! <3

    • Wish you could join me to! Glad you are enjoying the pics and stories. I am having fun sharing my experiences with people and showing them the things I have seen these almost seven years of being away. :-) <3

    • Flounder says:

      Awesome pics Tim!!! If you find yourself near Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, I think you would enjoy it also.


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