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Montien Riverside Hotel

The Montien Riverside Hotel in Bangkok is one of mine and my wife’s favorite places to stay when visiting Thailand.  Although hotels like this aren’t what budget travelers look for, if you want to splurge and not break the bank, this hotel has some great deals.  Just so you know, this was an unsolicited and uncompensated review.  I just like this place so much I wanted to share my experiences when staying there and also provide to you the reader some of the services they have to offer.

Montien Riverside Hotel Reception Area

When we first arrived at the hotel the main foyer was quite impressive. High columns, marble tile floors and all this for less than $100 a night?  Can’t get that in the States.  It was quite different from the Travelodge we just stayed in at the Los Angeles airport area and it’s a lot cheaper.  My suggestion is to check the rates on their website for any specials they may be having.  I found a rate on the hotel site that was much cheaper than any of the hotel search engines had to offer.  Also, book in advance, even if just a day prior.  I don’t suggest you wait until you get to the airport because you may be told a higher rate or no rooms are available by the travel assistance services at the airport.  Also, booking at the hotel is more expensive as well.

The Reception Desk

Upon arrival at the Reception Desk we were greeted with fresh squeezed orange juice while our reservations were pulled up.  Nice little perk after a long night of flying.  Once we got our room key we headed up to our room on the 21st floor.

Our Hotel Accomodations

Deluxe Room Montien Riverside HotelWe couldn’t wait to crawl into our king sized bed!
King Size BedSlippers were laid out and two cotton bathrobes were provided.  There was a hot water pot with tea and coffee also provided.  Most of the items in the room like monogramed towels, the bathrobes, slippers, etc… are available for sale.  I recommend you DON’T take “souvenirs” because I have read traveler stories of people being tracked down, even at the airport, after they leave and being arrested for theft.  They take theft seriously in Thailand and a souvenir towel isn’t worth a trip to jail and all the other headaches and the embarrassment involved.
Coffee and Tea Provided In The Room Free Of Charge
They also provided three bottles of drinking water daily for free which are found in the bathroom / WC.  The two bottles of water found on the desk are 100 THB apiece; approximately $3.25 USD.  The bathroom is huge. It has a small stall shower and a full bathtub for soaking your weary body.  The only two drawbacks to the shower I noticed were: the door opens into the shower and the shower head is right above the faucets.  Now, if for some reason you were a BIG person and maybe had some medical event and fell in the shower, or if you passed out because you were drunk, good luck getting you out of it because you will pin the door shut.  Also, with the shower head right above the faucets makes it tricky to adjust the temperature.
Glass Shower Stall

Bathtub as well as a shower in the room

Free Toiletries











Each room boasts a view of the Chao Praya River; “The River of Kings”.  During the day you can watch the ships and barges carry out their trade and at night they anchor and the river is quiet.  At night, the lights of the ships add to the beauty of the cityscape.

Room View of the Chao Praya River
Chao Praya River Bangkok Thailand

Montien Riverside Hotel Onsite Eateries

The Cafe Restaurant Montien Riverside Hotel

The hotel has several restaurants available on it’s property and they offer Thai, Cantonese, Szechuan,  and Western selections.  We arrived after midnight and grabbed a bite to eat at The Cafe restaurant which is open 24 hours a day.

The Cafe Montien Riverside Hotel International Food Buffet Line

The Cafe offers international food selections as well as a huge international buffet during the morning and lunch from 11:30 A.M. until 2:30 P.M. So, if you are staying at the hotel and want to eat something more than just street food, you have a lot of selections to choose from.  Just check out their website for more information which is linked above.  The hotel also has a gym, pool, sauna and steam room available as well as a Thai Massage Shop available to help unwind and pamper yourself.  This hotel offers so much more and as I said you can find really good room rates online.

The Montien Riverside hotel is well worth checking out for a great place to catch some sleep and relax before you hit the pavement and explore the huge city of Bangkok in Thailand.

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