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Ayara Thai Cuisine is a great place for authentic Thai food that my wife and I found actually by accident.  We were staying at a hotel in the vicinity of LAX and had a two day layover.  We asked the hotel desk if there was a Thai restaurant close by and their driver took us to one approximately a mile and a half away which didn’t look so great on the outside.  So when the taxi left, we walked a very short distance to see what else we could find and came upon Ayara Thai Cuisine.  The restaurant is located at 6245 West 87th Street in Westchester, California in a row of store fronts.  You could almost miss it coming from the direction we did. What caught our eye were the posters in the window advertising Thai cooking classes and an announcement of their eight year anniversary.  If a restaurant has cooking classes we figured it must be good.  The pictures are from our second trip to Ayara Thai Cuisine which was the very next day.  We loved it so much we had to go back even though we were headed to Thailand the next day and could eat all the Thai food we wanted.

Ayara Thai Cuisine Restaurant Westchester California

It’s not a very big restaurant, but size is not an issue because the food, its taste, and quality are incredible.  The staff was very friendly and I was interested to see how their food compared to authentic Thai cuisine. My wife is Thai and she was starving for something close to home.  So many Thai restaurants boast of the authentic taste of their food and usually it’s not even near what you can get in Thailand. Ayara Thai Cuisine was right on with the flavor and quality you can usually only find in Thailand.


Thai Iced Coffee

My favorite drink in Thailand is iced Thai coffee.  The coffee has a nice bold taste and they know to make it perfectly sweet and creamy. The only difference is the restaurant served the coffee in a glass while in Thailand if you buy one from a street vendor, it’s served in a plastic bag with a straw.  This one was perfect though.

Noodles With Pork and Seafood with RiceThis was my wife’s order.  I don’t know how she stays so skinny, but I gain weight just sitting with her.  In the foreground is “Rad-Na” with pork.  It comes with broad flat rice noodles and Chinese broccoli in a black bean gravy sauce.  In the upper right is “Ka-Pow” with squid which is cooked in the wok with a spicy mixture which my wife loves.  I like it too so I know when she orders it I’ll be eating some as well.  She ordered white steamed rice to accompany it.

Ayara Thai Cuisine Tom Yum Soup

This is Tom Yum Noodle Soup.  It has ground pork, sliced pork loaf, traditional Thai pork meat balls and rice noodles in a “house broth”.  The bowl is also a LOT bigger than it looks in the picture and was quite filling along with my wife shoving her food at me as well.  For Thais, eating is a social event and she likes to share her food with me even when I have ordered enough for myself.

Add Some Fire With Spicy Thai Condiments

Why does the soup look so red?  I like to add the extra Thai spice condiments to it that they have on the table; just like Thailand.  It will make you sweat; but it is so good…. After our meal we didn’t have room for dessert, but they all look great.

Be sure to check out the link for the restaurant to see what other fine Thai dishes they have to offer.  I highly suggest when in the LAX area, take the time to go to Ayara Thai Cuisine and have a great Thai meal you’ll remember.

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  1. She was waiting patently again while I snapped some usual. :-) Thanks G! Love ya too! :-)

  2. G girl says:

    YUM!!! I will have to remember what to order if I ever make it to a Thai restaraunt. Melissa and I love to try new things and this looks right up our alley! I loved your smiling wife in the reflection of the table! Glad you had a good trip! Be well my friend! Love you!

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