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Restaurant menu oddities sometimes can bring a smile, a chuckle, or even make you cry laughing; especially if the waiter comes and pronounces the ‘oddities’ the same way.  I want to start out that I am not making fun of any type of translation that has been made by anyone.  I give anyone from another country kudos for taking the jump to try to translate their language into another language on their own.  I have made translation mistakes myself and have given others a laugh or giggle. Heck!  I have seen English words hacked by English speakers so no one is immune.  :-)

The ‘subject’ menu of this post is from one beautiful restaurant ‘somewhere in the Balkans’ who I will not identify because I don’t want to hurt their feelings… or get into trouble.


Menus that make you smile

“Unleavened Brad” – Easy enough to understand because we are at a restaurant and we have seen them bring out baskets of locally made bread.  My friends and I got a chuckle and joked maybe the famous actor Brad had something to do with this bread. Maybe it came with an Angelina spread?  “Macaroni in the Owen” – Hmmm… Who is “Owen”?  We asked the waiter and he pronounced it exactly the same way.  I’m sorry, but some things just make me laugh and it took all my strength not to. I did have a big toothy smile though.  :-)

Things that make you go hmmmm

Here we have many items to choose from “IN THE OWEN”.  One of the more unusual dishes we decided to pass on was #4 “LAMP MEAT IN THE OWEN”.  I am sure it had a ‘light’ delicate flavor, but didn’t want to risk it.  “SAUSAGE HOME”?  Was this sausage logs built into the shape of a little house?  Would be a great accompaniment to a stack of pancakes.

Restaurant free gift?

#11 “VIRSHLE APPLIANCES” –  Have NO idea WHAT this was and didn’t dare ask.  We couldn’t even guess… How could you even manage to ask the waiter with a straight face what this was after he was already saying “IN THE OWEN”? Yes, this was in the English language column on the menu.

May I have the wine list?

The wine list available varied.  If you wanted a “WITHE” wine with your meal, they had a couple of excellent “CHARDON NAY’S” or Italian Red as choices.  Thinking “KULMINANTE” is supposed to be vintage, but was translated online as “PEAK”.

Peja Beer

We got a few chuckles in before our meal and it made our dining experience all the better.  My friends drinking beer didn’t help matters much.  Luckily I was drinking Coke and could somewhat control myself, although I did cry at one point laughing. (I unfortunately was the designated driver :-)  )

Restaurant menu oddities may show up anywhere, at any time, so I am sure someday there will be another post about this subject.

Bon Appétit!

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