This weeks Hump Day Photograph is a sneak peek into the Republic of Kosovo.  Although Kosovo’s war ended in 1999, the development and modernization process of the Republic has been very slow.  New horizons are meeting old ones as the young Kosovars hunger for a more modern, Western flavor of life.  However; the older folks still cling to their traditional cultural values.  The younger Kosovars will eagerly travel to Europe, England, and the United States searching for what they consider to be a better life. The promise of attending university abroad, new careers, and more money from those foreign “streets paved with gold” is what lures them away from their homes. This is especially true since the economy is stagnating in Kosovo and unemployment is very high; especially for the young college graduates.  However; the elderly cling to what they have and make do with what they have acquired throughout their hard-working lives. They may have worked as farmers or were maybe cigarette factory workers if they were not from a more prosperous and educated family.  This man was a peak into the past for me as he pushed his bicycle up a hill while carrying assorted plastic bottles of yogurt drink in his basket.  He appears to be headed homeward, chugging up the hill, with his beret perfectly perched upon his head during just another one of his familiar days.

Milk Man

An elderly Kosovar making his way up a hill with his basket of yogurt drink


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