Snapshot Saturday

Snapshot /random photograph that I personally like and hope you do too on this wonderful Saturday.  :-)

Photograph of Non Sang Thailand

Couple of Buddhist Monks out shopping in Non Sang, Thailand

A peek into Isaan province in the northeast of Thailand.  The Isaan region is primarily an agricultural area and is made up of an ethnic mix from Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.  I love traveling here to Non Sang because this is where you definitely get immersed into the rural culture; leaving the craziness of the big city behind you.  Although there are Expat’s in the area, their numbers are small and represent the U.S., England, Australia, and Germany from my experience.  Visiting Isaan (อีสาน) is well worth it because of the great food which is even more inexpensive than Bangkok and is “SAP MAK“.  It’s also just fun to mingle with the locals, browse the few shops they have and the green market, or have a beer / drink / meal at one of the local bars. They even have karaoke you can indulge in after pounding down a few drinks if crooning is your thing!  :-)

Have a HAPPY and SAFE Saturday!  :-)


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I have 'wandered' pretty much around the world but still have a lot to see and experience. My favorite things to do in life are travel, photography, and learning new languages or foreign language phrases to use along the way. "Hello", "Thank You", and "Please" in any language will open many doors for you. :-) I love to share my travel experiences with people and hope to inspire those who are still just thinking about it.


  1. Goofygirl says:

    Is this Thailand? It looks like you could buy just about anything..

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