“HUMP DAY” Photograph of the Week

This weeks “HUMP DAY” photograph of the week was taken while I was working in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I had to go visit a camp west of Baghdad called “Camp Korean Village (KV)” .

Camp KV was located near the Syrian and Jordan borders out the middle of the desert surrounded on al sides by miles of desert.  Korean Village I was told got its name during Saddam Hussein’s time when the camp was occupied by Korean laborers who built the Amman-Baghdad highway between Baghdad and Jordan. This was a very remote site. It was usually the Marines who were always the ‘lucky‘ ones to get stuck out in the middle of these nowhere locations with very limited comfort items.  Luckily I had gotten there when they had finally had a dining facility and to me the food and homemade bread in this facility was a hidden gem. The quality and actual taste of the food was a LOT better than most dining facility food I had eaten in other camps in Iraq. Funny how what you eat can be a highlight of your day.  :-)

There were two ways to get to Camp KV; convoy or by helicopter.  I was lucky enough that my trip was via a CH-53 helicopter ride with the U.S. Marines.  This is a photograph of the rear door gunner as we flew to our destination.

CH-53 Taxi Ride Compliments of the U.S. Marines

Riding along with the Marines in a CH-53 Helicopter in Iraq

Happy “HUMP DAY”!  :-)


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