Street Art, also known as graffiti, is pretty much everywhere.  We have seen it scrawled on walls, buildings, and just about any flat or available surface you could imagine in a city.  Bridges, buildings, mail boxes; nothing is immune.  Some of it is ugly and done as a menace or to just be destructive.  Some Street Art is politically driven due to discontent, and some of it is to tag someones turf as a warning to their rivals.  There’s usually some message or meaning behind it; like a giant ‘urban tattoo‘ created to make some type of statement just as we do with body tattoos.  Yet, there are some Street Artists with great talent who go beyond what one would think someone could create with just a can of spray paint, air brush, chalk, or other medium.

During a recent trip to Thessaloniki, Greece graffiti was everywhere.  Evidence left behind of the current tense times during demonstrations born from Greece’s difficult economic situation.  In an aside comment, I personally I don’t know why ‘they’ created the European Union because it has been very difficult for some countries.  I also liked collecting the different coins or paper money from my travels. Selfish thought I know, but we all have our own little quirks. :-) Greece is, and has been, struggling with all the changes and some of the Greek people are making their feelings known.

Street Art photograph from demonstrations in Thessaloniki Greece

Graffiti of discontent.  Translation Unknown.  Any Help Out There?  :-)

Here’s a poor statue of Eleftherios Venizelos (Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος) that was tagged with graffiti and to make matters worse, the pigeons have an undisturbed roosting place. As a result, unsightly graffiti and loads of pigeon poop permeate the area.

Street Art / Graffiti Tagged Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos (Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος)

Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos (Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος)

Graffiti was found in some of the alleyways; a combination of ‘scratch art‘ and some possible ‘budding Street Artist’ talent that was mixed in adding some color and form.

Street Art on a wall in Thessaloniki with scooters parked nearby

Street art / graffiti in an alley of the market in Thessaloniki

Nothing is immune to the street artists ‘brush’ strokes.

Street art "Sponge Bob" traveling in Greece

A Greek “Sponge Bob” electrical box

Then there were some better pieces of street art showing some actual talent; in my opinion anyway.  I was amazed by the detail of the wrinkles and sneakers in this one.  It would have looked nicer in the photograph without the green penis scribble someone added to it though. By the way, my opinion is the penis is an overused object / organ to deface pictures and photographs. But, there’s always a self-proclaimed comedian in the crowd…. :-)

Street art pug dog with little wings and wearing sneakers in excellent detail

Cartoon Pug Dog Street Art

This next piece was kind of ‘Tim Burtonish’ to me and I like his work.

Street Art picture of 'Tim Burton-esque' sailor with crazy eyes and a hook along with a skull on a shelf with a hair bow on it

Really liked these even though there is really no color to them

Then there was this scooter parked alongside a large Street Art mural.  I liked the color of the wall with “Herbie” the scooter accenting it.

Street Art painted wall with a "Herbie" theme painted Motor Scooter

“Herbie” transformed into a motor scooter

Street art is an expression all of its own via the artist to whomever decides to stop just for a moment to take it in and possibly enjoy the work or the message. I am sure through my life travels there will be other pieces of street art that will catch my eye and I will record it yet again to share with you, my readers, who take time out of their day to look at, read, and hopefully enjoy my travel wanderings posts.

Happy and safe travels!  :-)


About VacationWanderer

I have 'wandered' pretty much around the world but still have a lot to see and experience. My favorite things to do in life are travel, photography, and learning new languages or foreign language phrases to use along the way. "Hello", "Thank You", and "Please" in any language will open many doors for you. :-) I love to share my travel experiences with people and hope to inspire those who are still just thinking about it.


  1. I enjoy street art (and taking pictures of it) when it’s truly art, not just single words sprayed where they shouldn’t be. I’ve found some great examples in San Francisco and Montreal, for instance.

    I like how you pictured scooters along with street art. Pretty cool!
    Pola (@jettingaround) would like you to check out..My ten favorite things about the USAMy Profile

    • I liked the “Herbie” scooter best. :-) Never saw one like that before. Scooters + Street Art = “Cool” They just seem to go together “like peas and carrots”. :-)

  2. Hey :)

    I love street art and post a lot about it on my blog. I think it can offer a great insight into the contemporary political and cultural themes that are present in a place at any one time. Of course, some of it is amazing whilst some of it’s, well…. not so good! I love the Tim Burton-esque piece and, I have to admit, I’m a budding fan of the spongebob electrical box!
    Beth would like you to check out..Celebrating Freedom: The Berlin Wall East Side GalleryMy Profile

    • I like the “Tim Burton-esque” description you used better than mine. :-) I used to take a lot of pictures of graffiti with my Canon AE-1 Program in Boston because some is just so beautiful or amazingly detailed. Alas, they are all gone from my past so I have to start over. I took a picture of one in an alley where a murder took place and it was a very dark and sinister piece that was there before the event took place. Thought that was strange, almost like an omen. Glad you liked “Sponge Bob”! Me too. :-)

      • Wow.. that sounds particularly creepy! Definitely sounds like some kind of omen!

        I always find I’m drawn to graffiti wherever I am. I’ll be wondering around cities amongst beautiful architecture offering perfect photo opportunities… but then I’ll get home, look at my photos, and realise that most of them are of graffiti and street art!
        Beth would like you to check out..Celebrating Freedom: The Berlin Wall East Side GalleryMy Profile

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