Snapshot Saturday – 27OCT2012 – AMAZING THAILAND SCHOOL BUS

A snapshot / photograph that I personally like and hope you do too on this wonderful Saturday.  :-)

It never fails to amaze me when I see the way some of the Thai people move around the city of Bangkok in Thailand.  Some means of transportation would never be acceptable, nor would they be close to being legal in western cultures. I guess we are more careless or something and we are protected from our own ingenious decisions by the laws that are created in our countries that would prohibit this type of travel.   :-)

This is a pretty interesting snapshot I captured while riding as a passenger in Bangkok.  I usually try to keep my camera ready for anything unusual that may pop up.  There’s always something interesting to see in Thailand.  :-)

Anyone who has been to Thailand has probably seen more than once a family of four or even up to five, yes five, squeezed together on a motorbike and zipping along the busy streets of Bangkok; this includes young children who are on the passenger list.  How about the mother with her little baby, all swaddled up and carried in her arms, who is sitting side-saddle (both feet on the same side) on a motorbike taxi.  I can’t comprehend the balance they keep sitting like that!  I just know deep inside that if it were me, I would tip back and smash my head on the road. If I were to use a motorbike taxi I would be inclined to want to hold on to something while wearing my colorful, probably pink in color,  non-protective plastic helmet.  Yet, I read the news for Thailand pretty regularly and usually you don’t see stories of any disasters involving people traveling like this. I’m sure it has to happen because of the amount of traffic in Bangkok.

Then, there is the school transportation options.  When I came upon this vehicle I just laughed in amazement because there is NO way any parent would let their child travel to or from school like this in the western world.  Yet, this is a pretty common occurrence in Thailand. I also have never seen any of them fall off despite being balanced on pieces of the vehicle outside the riding compartment.  Amazing…..  :-)

Snapshot Of A Thailand School Bus Overfilled With Children

A Not Uncommon Sight Of A Thai ‘School Bus’

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the life of Thai school children.  Please come back and visit my site again soon!  There’s more to come.

Happy and safe Saturday to you all!  :-)


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