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A snapshot /random photograph that I personally like and hope you do too on this wonderful Saturday.  :-)

This weeks snapshot / photograph is of the famed old TIGER BAR on Soi Bangla (“Soi”refers to a side street off of a main street) in Patong Beach, Phuket, ThailandSoi Bangla is the party street in Patong Beach and the night entertainment focuses on the ‘older kids’ who visit this area.  During the day you will find the bars, restaurants, and small shops are open, busy with foreign tourists and families alike who are poking around buying souvenirs and trinkets; having a daytime drink; or enjoying the variety of cuisine that is available.

When the sun goes down, Soi Bangla wakes up and takes on a festive atmosphere.

Photograph of the old TIGER BAR on Soi Bangla in Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand


Soi Bangla is lined with several bars, clubs with dancing-girls and “lady boys”, aka: kathoey’s (กะเทย), and the loud music coming from these establishments fills the street.  Obviously this part of the day is adult time on Bangla Road and during peak season it gets pretty busy.  Some of the people you will encounter are the street peddlers walking up and down Soi Bangla who are hawking trinkets like giant “Zippo” flip top type cigarette lighters, wallets made of exotic skins, or toy wooden frogs you rub a stick on and they make, I guess :-) , a wooden frog sound.  And if you’re not into the bar scene, it’s just as fun to sit outside at one of the restaurants you will find along the Soi and people watch, or just stroll along Soi Bangla and take in the sights.  Some of what you will see will really amuse you and some of what you will see will have you scratching your head in confusion.  It’s quite entertaining to say the least.  :-)  The old TIGER BAR had a large seating area and bar downstairs and a discotheque upstairs.  I haven’t been there is a few years and from what I have seen on the internet there is now a new TIGER BAR that has been added to the Soi Bangla scene.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the old TIGER BAR this year in August.  There was a deadly fire which claimed the lives of four people according to news reports.  This post is dedicated to those who sadly died and to those that were injured.

Have a safe and happy Saturday and weekend. Thanks so very much for taking the time to stop by ‘The Vacation Wanderer’.  I really appreciate it.  :-)

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I have 'wandered' pretty much around the world but still have a lot to see and experience. My favorite things to do in life are travel, photography, and learning new languages or foreign language phrases to use along the way. "Hello", "Thank You", and "Please" in any language will open many doors for you. :-) I love to share my travel experiences with people and hope to inspire those who are still just thinking about it.


  1. Loving your wonderful photos!

    Looks like you are having an amazing adventure. I look forward to visiting your blog again and keeping up to date with your travels. :-)

    Kind Regards, Charlotte
    Sweet Sea Travel Blog

  2. I have been there. Great place to relax and have a drink while watching the people pass by.
    thetravelfool would like you to check out..My Crazy Greek AdventureMy Profile

  3. Sorry to hear about the fire. Hopefully, the new place will have all the necessary codes to prevent it from happening again. I can only imagine the sights one can see there! Thank s for sharing!

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