This weeks “HUMP DAY” photograph of the week was taken while ‘wandering’ in Phuket, Thailand.  Besides the beach, the bars, the clubs, and the restaurants, there are several tours you can enjoy as well. One of the tours I have been on and really enjoyed was to “PHUKET FANTASEA“.  Phuket Fantasea is a nighttime theme park, dinner, and show experience for adults and families as well.  When you book this tour, a van will pick you up at your hotel at a designated time and after the festivities, they will drop you off back at your hotel.

This weeks photograph was taken outside the “Palace of the Elephants Theatre” building where they put on a really wonderful Thai cultural show.  Experiencing an elephant ride was exciting for me because I had never been on one before. It’s a short ride but it was still fun. :-)  There are other tours in Thailand that are also offered in the Phuket / Patong Beach area that you can go on and are actual elephant treks that are totally different from this ride.  I personally haven’t taken one of these treks yet.

Photograph or people riding and elephant at FANTASEA in Phuket Thailand

Ride an elephant before or after the Thai cultural show at Phuket FANTASEA in Phuket, Thailand

The elephants walk in a big circle and then there is a man who meets the elephant at the end of the ride who will take your picture, for sale, for a keepsake souvenir of your visit.  Since FANTASEA is a nighttime park, you can enjoy your beach day, etc… and then enjoy a unique evening of Thai entertainment.  The tour consists of buying a dinner ticket to the “Golden Kinnaree Buffet and Restaurant” which serves international dishes that should satisfy just about everyone’s taste. Then there’s also a ticket for the show.  Ticket prices vary based on what you choose from the tour offerings.

Following dinner, you can poke around the theme park until showtime.  It’s not like a huge amusement park westerners are used to, but it’s still colorful and entertaining.  The show itself is held inside the “Palace of the Elephants Theatre“.  While filing into the theatre building,  you can have your picture taken holding a tiger cub while you feed it a bottle of milk.  You can also have your picture taken with some of the cast members of the show who are dressed up in elaborate costumes.  The photos are yet again for sale as souvenirs and they will mount them in a colorful paper frame for you to take home. The cultural show itself consists of music, Thai history, dancers, and acrobats; and of course elephants.  :-) My wife and I really enjoyed our time here.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks “HUMP DAY” PHOTOGRAPH OF THE WEEK!  Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and please feel free to leave a comment.  :-)

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  1. This sounds fun! I always think going to things like this are interesting because you get to see so much and get a an all inclusive experience…

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