Green Market ‘Wanderings’ – OLD BAZAAR IN SKOPJE, MACEDONIA

Green Markets are found just about anywhere in the world.  Usually they are held on the weekend and people flock there to browse, search for, and buy fresh produce, fresh fruit, and maybe even fresh seafood or some other type of meat.

Why are people drawn to these outdoor markets?  Most times the prices are cheaper than you can find in a store, especially since you can buy items in bulk.  My experience has been that the items for sale also appear fresher than you can find in a store and there is a wider variety to choose from.  Plus the atmosphere of an open market is more fun and you can sometimes barter the price down unlike a fixed price in a  store.

My first experience with a green market was when I was a kid and going to Boston’s Haymarket Square Farmer’s Market which is held every Friday and Saturday. This green market is not far from Faneuil Hall Market Place in downtown Boston.  Here you can buy fruits and vegetables as well as fresh seafood on ice.  There are also butcher shops and a cheese shop I remember being there and these are open during the week as well.  The one draw back of this market is they bag what you want to buy.  You can try to ask for a certain piece of fruit or vegetable, but more than likely you will get what they give you or they will tell you to go away if you argue with them.  I have seen some pretty heated arguments go on there and it’s part of the atmosphere of this large crowded green market.  They especially don’t like you touching their product either. Despite some of the nasty temperaments you may run into, you can still get some great items for low prices as compared to the grocery stores.

Photograph of Boston's Haymarket Square Farmer's Market

Boston’s Haymarket Farmer’s Market – photo by Jef Nickerson via Flickr. Used with permission and not with endorsement.

Skopje, Macedonia has a really nice green market in the Old Bazaar area of Old Town Skopje.  Here you will find many varieties of fresh produce and fruits; selections of different types of loose olives; cheeses; nuts, dried fruits, and bulk spices.  You can choose what you want as well.

Photograph of a Green Market stall selling nuts and dried fruits

Nuts and dried fruits

Photograph of fresh tomatoes and other vegetables at the Green Market in Old Town Skopje, Macedonia

Fresh tomatoes and other produce to choose from.

Photograph of large sacks of red colored bulk spices at the old Bazaar in Skopje, Macedonia

Bulk spices for sale

Green markets are a great place to ‘wander’ and you are more than likely going to find something that will catch your eye to take home and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to check out my website and / or make a comment.  I would love to hear from you.  Maybe you could share a favorite Green Market that you like to shop at as well.

Happy and safe travels. :-)

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  1. That looks amazing! I would love to wander around there. I love olives. Perfect place to spend an afternoon. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.
    M. E. Franco (@MEFranco1) would like you to check out..Book Signing in Dallas!My Profile

    • I love olives too. So much so I almost had my high top Reeboks ripped off of me while I was wearing them. Was traveling for 5 weeks backpacking “many moons ago” and I was in Italy and had bought a mixture of incredible olives at an outdoor market like this. I was standing with my back to the street eating them and all of a sudden felt my shoes being taken off! I turned around and what had happened was a car was traveling behind me and had caught the back of my high tops with their tire! LOL She got out and yelled at me in Italian! I was just laughing! Especially since I think she was saying it was my fault! :) So, that is my Italian olive story… :)

  2. I remember a great fresh market in my hometown in Poland. It was fund to go to especially on Saturdays, when vendors from nearby village would show up and bring the freshest produce and dairy. There’s nothing quite like it.

    In the US I do go to farmers’ markets, and as great as the food is, it’s often more expensive than in stores. You go for the freshness I guess…

    Great post, it brought back some good memories.
    Pola (@jettingaround) would like you to check out..Photo of the Week: Barcelona viewed from Park GüellMy Profile

    • Hey Pola!

      I’m glad you liked the post and that it could bring back fond memories for you. :) Green markets can be a lot of fun and I have always thought cheaper than stores, but maybe it varies from place to place. :)

      I remember going into a market / bazaar in the walled part of Krakow. That was really cool and, alas, many years ago. Would love to go back again. Was and interesting place and got to use my German language skills with an older Polish gentleman who had been put in a “Kinderlager” during WWII. Interesting story.

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment! :-)

  3. This is an awesome post and I love Macedonia since I have tons of friends from there. I never had been to this lovely country and reading this makes me wanna start planning for my European backpacking too :)

    Thanks alot :) Happy travels
    Wends of Journeys and Travels would like you to check out..Top 7 Lessons I Learn from TravelingMy Profile

    • Glad you liked it! Skopje, Macedonia has such stark differences especially with the “facelift”. Worth seeing for sure. :-) Thanks so much for your comment!

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