Snapshot Saturday

A snapshot /random photograph that I like and hope you do too on this wonderful Saturday.  :-)One day I was taking a scooter ride in the Issan province of Northeast Thailand; just enjoying the sights and the beautiful weather.

This part of Issan has exceptionally large expanses of rice farms and is a lot more peaceful than traveling around the big cities.  Traveling around these rural roads on a motorbike is also a lot of fun.  You never know what you will see along the way.

As I was leisurely cruising down the road, I noticed this young Thai boy holding a string with what I thought were dead lizards tied to it.  I pulled up next to him and he stopped and smiled and held them up for me to see.

Foreigners up in this particular area of Thailand are still an oddity so I think he got a kick out of showing me his catch.  That’s when I noticed these were four baby iguanas he had tied to the string and they were still alive!  I just had to take a photograph of this especially when I noticed his t-shirt.  I am sure that the iguanas were ‘thinking‘ the same thing in ‘iguanese’ because of their unfortunate predicament of getting captured. All I could do was chuckle about this chance encounter as we parted ways.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks SNAPSHOT SATURDAY! Please feel free to leave a comment or share an unusual encounter you may have had while ‘wandering’ the world.

Have a great weekend!  Safe and Happy Travels. :-)


About VacationWanderer

I have 'wandered' pretty much around the world but still have a lot to see and experience. My favorite things to do in life are travel, photography, and learning new languages or foreign language phrases to use along the way. "Hello", "Thank You", and "Please" in any language will open many doors for you. :-) I love to share my travel experiences with people and hope to inspire those who are still just thinking about it.


  1. Reading the story made me chuckle. I hadn’t noticed his t-shirt at first. Love fun little encounters like this on the road!
    Angela would like you to check out..Of the Island of PrincessesMy Profile

    • The Thai’s sometimes wear shirts with English writing and don’t understand the meaning. :-) My wife bought one, she is Thai, and I forget what it said but I told her that it would make a nice sleeping shirt, not for public… LOL She understood when I translated it for it. :) Thanks very much for leaving a comment!

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