Baghdad Iraq Memories – “HUMP DAY” PHOTOGRAPH 05DEC2012

Baghdad Iraq Memories.  I have quite a few; some very good ones and some, well… not so good.

While “wandering” one day in Baghdad, I marveled at the sites I had only seen on television before coming to Iraq.  I remember thinking to myself, Here I am in Baghdad!  Well, the part Baghdad I could somewhat safely be in anyway. I had traveled to Baghdad from Mosul in the north to get my passport renewed.

It was another blistering day of desert heat and I had made my way to the “Monument to the Unknown Soldier” and the “Arch of Triumph“, also known as the “Crossed Swords”, “Victory Arches”, or the “Swords Of Qadisiyah”, which are at each end of the long parade deck in “Great Celebrations square“. This is where Saddam was often seen high upon a platform in the stadium with the other heads of state reviewing the Iraqi troops as they marched by and firing his rifle into the air.  Kind of a nut.  :-)

As I walked back toward the old U.S. Embassy which was situated in a former palace of Saddam’s, I came upon an Iraqi vendor selling all types of water pipes, also know as hookahs or nargilas.


Photograph of an Iraqi Hookah vendor shanty in Baghdad

Hookah vendor shanty in Baghdad Iraq

The shop was a makeshift shanty set up on the side of the road and they had all sizes and shapes of hookahs along with the typical wood carved camels and other trinkets.  I really liked the way it looked and it was the first vendor I had seen in this section of Baghdad.  So, it was photograph time to capture the moment as a memory of my first time in Baghdad.  Little did I know in just a couple of years I would be working in Baghdad.  When I did return, the shop had unfortunately been taken down; more than likely as a security precaution.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks “HUMP DAY” photograph.  It’s later than normal, but I had work issues to deal with.  I hate it when work gets in the way of my travel blog.  :-)

Happy and safe travels!  Thanks for visiting.  Feel free to leave a comment.  :-)






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  1. I remember that place. During that time there were lots of vendors on the streets. Like you said a few years later they had cleared them all out.
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