Wacky Kosovo Cars are modes of homemade transportation you often see while ‘wandering’ around Kosovo.  They show up in the cities, traveling on the major roads or streets, or in the villages nearby during the warmer months mostly.  You may also see them in the winter too if there is no snow on the ground.

Most of these vehicles are not the type of vehicles you would ever expect to be allowed to be used on public streets; or the type that most people would ever want to be seen in or travel in, or on in some cases.  Kosovo is still developing as a country so the rules aren’t in place yet or enforced and there are some crafty people living there that can create a vehicle that gets the job done for them.

Building your own über vehicle like this a lot cheaper than buying a regular pleasure vehicle or work type vehicle, agriculture is big in Kosovo, and the economic situation is pretty bad for the people now.  I give them credit for using their skills and creativity to deal with life’s difficulties the way they do.

One day I was ‘wandering’ around Ferizaj / Urosovec Kosovo and I heard that familiar sound of an approaching ‘Wacky Kosovo Car’ coming my way.  Sure enough, here comes a classic, original art  specimen making its way down the street on a busy Saturday afternoon.  The only ones who take the time to stop and look, or stop and stare, are the foreigners who work in Kosovo or visitors / travelers passing through; people like me.

Photograph of one sample of a homemade vehicle used for working a farm or traveling traveling locally in Kosovo

So much cheaper than a Bentley or Austin Martin

These two guys were able to enjoy the great weather that day in their convertible as they traveled along toward wherever their destination was.  No Bose stereo, no Corinthian leather seats, no need for a car alarm;  just pure simplicity to get from point A to point B.  Now how can you beat that.  :-)

I hope you enjoyed this weeks WACKY KOSOVO CAR Snapshot Saturday photograph.  I am sure there will be future beauties featured that I will share with you.  Kosovo never fails to amaze me.  :-)

Happy and Safe ‘wanderings’!

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  1. Shpend says:

    Just FYI, the primary purpose of these contraptions is not transportation of people, but of the saw in the back. It is the saw that “travels” from household to household for sawing firewood. These “cars”-and I have seen my share here- cannot be registered, hence only are used in certain localities and roads. Still when I see it, I cannot by smile.

    • I understand that Shpend. However, I have seen some unusual homemade vehicles in Kosovo and my only thoughts have been how resourceful and creative the people are there; nothing more. That includes the vehicle with the saw. :)

  2. Wow, that’s pretty cool how they’re homemade. I’m not sure I’d feel safe, but I’d probably take a short ride in one nonetheless.
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