Travel to The White Tower in Thessaloniki Greece

Have you ever been to Greece?  I hadn’t ever visited Greece until this year and it was a wonderful experience of people, food, culture, and night life.  This was a long weekend road trip through the Balkans starting via taxi from Kosovo into Macedonia; rental car through Macedonia; crossing the border into Macedonia, Greece from the country of Macedonia and on to Thessaloniki.  Thessaloniki was rated the “5th best world-wide party city” by Lonely Planet in 2010 and I know why now.

Travel to The White Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Yes you!  Go! :) Thessaloniki is a beautiful, lively city on edge the Thermaic Gulf of the Aegean Sea and has a very historical past having been founded in 315 B.C.  ‘Foot prints’ of its past still exist for the ‘wanderer’ to visit and right on the waterfront boulevard you will find Thessaloniki’s inspiring city symbol, The White Tower.  The White Tower is both a monument and a museum showcasing an exhibit inside the tower with displays of  Thessaloniki’s  ancient past.

Photograph of pottery on display in The White Tower museum exhibit

Just a sample of some of the items on display in The White Tower Exhibit

If you decide to visit The White Tower, please note there is no air conditioning, no handicapped access to the upper floors, no bathrooms, and no restaurant inside (although this would make a cool restaurant if not for its historical value).  For those with walking disabilities there is an exhibit designed specially for you on the  bottom floor. From what I have read they are trying to preserve the structure of the tower and installing an elevator was not possible.

The winding stairway is made up of wide, smooth stone steps that angle back as you ascend them.  As you make your way up the stairs there are grated windows you can peek out of and capture some unique photos of the water below and parts of the city.

Photograph taken out of Thessaloniki from a grated window in The White Tower

Peaking out a grated window in The White Tower

The ceiling of the stairway is also kind of low, so you tall people may have to watch your head.  Going back down the stairway feels kind of awkward because these smooth stone steps now slope downward, so watch your step!

When you first enter the tower you will find the ticket counter for admission and they also offer a headset translator which is used at each exhibition point.  The use of the translator is free, but you have to leave a deposit for the equipment which you get back when you turn your gear in.  According to Thessaloniki Byzantine Museum  who is the curator of The White Tower exhibit and the tower as well, admission is set to 70 people at a time inside the structure to keep the interior ambient temperature regulated help preserve the exhibits and the structure itself.  Any large groups wishing to visit the tower have to make pre-arrangements with the museum staff.  The White Tower is open Tuesday to Sunday from 08:30 until 3:00 P.M. ; closed on Mondays.

There are four floors in the tower that provide historical information and house displays of old pottery, gold coins, drawings, and other items of interest.  The portable translator is a big help as it gives you a narrative in your native language of what you are looking at. The exhibit signs are in Greek just in case you were wondering ;).  On the fourth floor there is a gift shop, surprise surprise :) ,  and a door where you can go out on a walkway surrounded by a low parapet and enjoy a panoramic view of the city’s water front as well as the city itself.  This is an awesome place to capture some photographs. :) I just wish it was open at night.

Photograph of Thessaloniki's water front captured from the top of The White Tower

Thessaloniki’s waterfront as seen from the top of The White Tower

When I was there on my long weekend, Saturday evening near the tower is a fun place to go and becomes alive with the locals and travelers alike.  Here you will find an assortment of street entertainers and this is where there are three floating bars docked nearby that will take you out on a short tour of the harbor while you enjoy a beer or mixed drink and take in the beautiful night lights of the Thessalonkiki waterfront.

Photograph of a couple of marionette puppeteers entertaining the people at night near The White Tower

A couple of the large and small night-time entertainers near The White Tower

Photograph of Thessaloniki's water front at dusk

Thessaloniki’s waterfront at dusk as seen from the walkway near The White Tower

So, I urge you to add to your travel “bucket list” a trip to Thessaloniki, Greece and visit The White Tower while you are there.  Thessaloniki has a lot to offer and the people, sights, and food are incredible.  You shouldn’t be disappointed.  :)

Have you ever been to Thessaloniki and The White Tower?  What was your experience like?

Feel free to leave a comment!  I would love to hear what you think.

Photograph of the White Tower illuminated at night

The White Tower illuminated at night

Happy and safe ‘wanderings’ and thanks so much for visiting!  I really appreciate it! :)



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  1. Greece is my dream trip. I love the information and pictures in this blog. I will definitely add this to my itinerary when I go. Thanks for the great information!
    M. E. Franco would like you to check out..Book Signing in Dallas!My Profile

    • Hey my friend! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and compliments. :) Greece was a really fun place to see. Thessaloniki is definitely worth adding to your itinerary. A very historic and photogenic city for sure with great folks and food.

  2. I haven’t been to Greece yet (how that’s the case, I have no idea…). I hope to visit soon and perhaps I’ll make it the Thessaloniki. That tower is beautiful!
    Pola (@jettingaround) would like you to check out..Photo Focus: Point Loma Peninsula in San Diego, CaliforniaMy Profile

  3. My family is from (and some still are living in) the island of Tinos. Thessaloniki is quite the city compared to Tinos! Thank you for sharing a wonderful country! 😉
    Beth would like you to check out..Stayin’ Alive with Rita HayworthMy Profile

    • Not a problem Beth. Thanks for commenting! I had a really nice time in Greece and exploring Thessaloniki and some of the beaches in the Chalkidiki area. I found the people to be very friendly except for one older man who had a misperception of where we were from because of our rental car license plate. :) That Macedonia issue is still quite the issue! LOL Glad you enjoyed my essay. :)

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