Throughout Thailand during New Years Eve the cities and rural areas become even more alive. Casual and luxurious parties complete with huge fireworks displays ring in the New Year.  There are many great places to be in Thailand to enjoy the festivities and these are just a few.



Central World and Siam Paragon which are near to each other and both will have celebratory events throughout the evening that will be fun for singles and families alike.  There will be a countdown to midnight and then a huge fireworks display to ring in the new year.

The Red Sky Restaurant is on the 55th floor of the Centara Grand Hotel and is a wonderful place to have a seafood or steal dinner while providing diners with a beautiful view of Bangkok’s city skyline. They offer an “Urban Bistro Dining Experience” along with a  wine bar and a martini bar.  Dining attire is “smart casual dress”.  For their New Years special countdown celebration there is a 2200 THB ($71.93 USD) cover charge which includes a glass of champagne and party favors.  This particular event is described as a “standing / dancing venue”.  If you wish to have a luxurious New Years Eve dinner at the Red Sky Restaurant, the price is 11,955 THB ($390.88 USD) per person which includes a lavish six course meal and a bottle of champagne for each couple.  Entertainment includes a live jazz band and DJ as well.  The posted hours for their event is 1930 (7:30 P.M.) – 0200 (2:00 A.M.)  They also boast a splendid view of the Central World New Years fireworks display as well and it should be because they are actually located at Central World.  You can’t get any closer I would think.  :)

The Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar is another great place to have a luxurious dinner and or drinks and offers an unobstructed panoramic view  of Bangkok because it is situated on top of the Banyan Tree Hotel on the 61st floor which used to be their helicopter pad.  They also have a “smart casual dress code”. For the New Years Evening a suit jacket is required for men and for women appropriate dress as well.  The cost of their News Years event is 18,000 THB ($588.52 USD) per person, so this is definitely a luxury event.  The address and phone number of the Banyan Tree Hotel is: 21/100 South Sathon Road; Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand   Tel: +66 2 679 1200

ASIATIQUE THE RIVER FRONT will be hosting the ASIATIQUE FESTIVAL for New Years Eve celebrations and this I am sure will be a great experience since it’s their first year being open and will want to impress old and new visitors alike.  This is a great place to eat, for shopping, and entertainment.  It’s a casual atmosphere and much more affordable if you are on a tight budget.
If you are more into just the dancing and drinking scene, that won’t empty your wallet and which will also be much more casual, head off to any of the numerous nightclubs around Bangkok where DJ’s will rule the night and keep you moving until the stroke of midnight and after.  Check out Silom, Khao San Road, or Thonglor which all have many nightclubs to choose from.  Bangkok will be a hopping city  more than ever  during New Years Eve so the type of celebration you are looking for will be there waiting for you.


As I described in a earlier post, Surin Beach in Phuket, Thailand will be rocking the New Year in thanks to “Sydicitive Element” who has organized a two-day New Years Beach Party starting on December 30th and will continue until sunrise 01 January 2013.  A floating stage, live music, DJ’s, laser light shows and a hologram show are all scheduled to entertain the throngs of Sarin Beach New Years Eve revelers.  Tickets range from 2000 THB ($65.39 USD) per person to 2,000,000 BAHT ($65,391.60) for a “private floating villa” that can hold 20 people.  This should be a crazy and fun experience!  :)


Chiang Mai is a great city to explore and will also have their own New Years Eve events as well, but probably not on the grand scale as Bangkok or even the Surin Beach festivities.  Tha Pae Road and Tha Pae Gate are reported to be setting up with food and drink stalls as well as dancers for your entertainment.  Hotels, bars and restaurants will also host their own New Years Eve parties as well.  So, there will be plenty of places to enjoy a somewhat sober or drunken evening of fun.   Then at midnight the Chiang Mai municipality will conduct a fireworks display for everyone’s enjoyment.


In Pattaya, the COUNTDOWN 2013 festivities have been going on since Christmas day, December 25th!  Bands, booze, babes and boys will be on hand just about anywhere in Pattaya to  ring in the New Year, so there’s something fun for everyone.  Pattaya has always been a big party place so I am sure it will be packed for all the awesome festivities in store for you.  Pattaya will also host a huge fireworks display to ring in the New Year for everyone.

Some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Watch your valuables in crowded areas.  Don’t leave valuables unattended out on tables or out in view for a long time.  Don’t flash that nice new gold chain you just bought or anything else of value.  Unfortunately there will be the few in the crowds looking to make a living off of the  unsuspecting reveller, especially the potential victims who have had a little too much cheer.
  • For the women be extra careful as well.  In the crowded venues watch your drinks to make sure they don’t get anything added to them.  Don’t leave your drink unattended at your table to go dance and then come back to finish it; get a fresh one.  It is also recommended you don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know for the same reason.  As the night goes on people’s guard goes down as the party energy goes up and this could cause you a serious problem if you don’t stay aware.   Also be careful who you walk off alone with at any point of the celebration.
  • If you do experience a problem, make sure to contact the Tourism Police since they are there to help you even if you do or don’t speak Thai and are an incredible resource for you.  These men and women are experienced foreign volunteers and they have pretty much seen it all and know how to help you or give advice in a time of need.
  1. In Bangkok 1699 is the Tourist Police  number.  191 or 123 are the emergency numbers for the Thai Police who speak some English.
  2. In Pattaya the Tourist Police number is 038 429 371 and the Pattaya Police station number is 038 429 325.
  3. In Phuket the Tourist Police number is 1155 from any phone 24 hours a days 7 days a week.
  4. I researched all these phone numbers for you and hope IF you need them they are still valid which I believe they should be.  If you have a cell phone, why not plug them in now so they will be handy.  :)
  • As always, don’t drink and drive. You’ve heard that many times before I bet.  :)  There are a LOT of people who will drink and drive and will more than likely get banged up badly from scooter accidents or worse.  Also, don’t get on a scooter or in a vehicle driven by someone who has been drinking.  Road rash, or worse, and bathing suits are an ugly sight.  If you don’t drink and you do drive; be aware of those who are driving drunk or under the influence of something; local or foreigner alike.
  • Drug use and drug possession carry very severe penalties in Thailand so I highly recommend you stick to the legal stuff.  The Thai Police will be around watching, maybe in plain clothes, and it’s not worth the suffering you and your family will go through.  Extended stays in Thailand are much more preferable and pleasant not being behind bars and wearing chains on your legs.
  • Bottom line – drink smart, party smart and have a great time that you will want and be able to remember.  :)

None of the tips I provide for the Thailand celebrations are any different for any country you may be visiting and partying in for New Years Eve.  Just use common sense and have a great time.  Remember you are in a foreign country, in Thailand’s case a very friendly and fun one, but you fall under their laws and jurisdiction if you screw up.

New Years Thailand will be quite memorable and I want to wish you a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Safe 2013!  :)

Have you celebrated New Years Eve anywhere in Thailand?  What was your experience like?  Any other tips you have you may want to share with first time travelers?  Please feel free to leave a comment!  :)

Happy and safe ‘wanderings’ always to you as well! 2013 here we come! :)



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  1. Samia says:

    Hi!!! Great post!!!
    I’ll be celebrating New Years in Thailand with my husband. Please give me some names of night clubs near silom or sukhumvit.
    Can I ask which one do you prefer, central world or night club for New Years?

    • Hi Samia! Thanks for your interest in visiting my website and commenting on the post! :) Have you and your husband ever been to Thailand before? I ask this because of you asking about nightclubs in the Silom and Sukhumvit areas.

      There is so much going on in #Thailand on New Years Eve and in different sections of #Bangkok it’s hard to have a real “favorite” because each venue is ‘party time’ filled with lots of energy. :) It depends on what you and your husband prefer. Do you like big party crowds or a romantic / sophisticated setting? That’s about how the event atmosphere ranges are. :)

      My preference of Central World or a night club? I would say I prefer Central World over a night club. I like to be able to move around. Now another alternative is at ASIATIQUE – THE RIVER FRONT which is a Night Bazaar. This is a new place that opened up in 2012 and is an open air concept that has many different restaurants to eat at and vendor booths to poke around in. They also sometimes have live entertainment. So, this is a fun place to go as well and not just for New Years. :)

      If you want a snapshot of Sukhumvit Nightlife, check out this website:

      The same website, different link, will provide you with an idea of what is offered for Silom Nightlife:

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me! :) Hope you both have an awesome time! :)

  2. I’m heading to Chiang Mai in a couple weeks! A couple weeks too late to celebrate NY. Maybe 2014? :)
    Angela would like you to check out..New Year’s Resolutions 2013My Profile

    • Hey Angela! Sorry for such a late reply. Had a lot going on and I have been sick since last Friday as well. :) Have you ever been to Chiang Mai? I have once and really enjoyed it. I hope you have a great trip which must be coming up soon! Happy and safe ‘wanderings’! :)

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