About The Vacation Wanderer And The Purpose Of This Website

Who is the Vacation Wanderer and what is this website about?

I first got bitten by the travel bug in 1987 when I had the opportunity with my then girlfriend to get a really cheap flight to London and we bought some Eurail passes.  This was to be a five-week backpacking vacation throughout Europe.

I was working at the time had asked for a leave of absence from my job. When the administrator asked where I was going, I told him to Europe and it was the first time I had ever traveled there.  He then proceeded to ask me if I was going there “to seek treatment for AIDS?”…  I was dumbstruck and initially speechless.  My answer to him was ‘Well, you know, I am offended by what you just said and consider this my resignation effective immediately’.  Walking out I thought ‘Wow!

I just quit my job!’.  This was; however, one of the best things I ever did in my life.  I guess I have him to thank for being so rude and ignorant toward me because my first travel experience was incredible and inspired me to be more adventurous and go to places I only dreamed of or saw in movies.

Harvard University publishes travel guides titled “Let’s Go …….” about certain target countries or regions of the world. The are written entirely by their students and now travelers and the stories, tips, and advice, are based on their personal travel experiences.

Included in their guides are:

  • Suggested places to stay based on a budget.
  • Places to eat to include eateries frequented by the locals which are usually cheaper and sometimes have better quality cuisine for those with picky tastes.

Our copy of the LET’S GO guide book became our ‘travel bible’ and was VERY helpful throughout our trip since we were both ‘travel virgins’ at the time.

During this vacation I also learned that if you wanted to travel the unconventional way; i.e. no tour groups or no set itineraries, it was best to learn from others who had set out on their own and travelled the unbeaten path; those who had already learned to explore.  During these types of trips you will most likely meet others who are also traveling and exploring just like you. You can share what you have liked; disliked, or pass on any problems you may have encountered along the way.  It’s more of an adventure than walking along in a group is; i.e. following a ‘lollypop’ sign and God forbid having to wear some stupid colored baseball cap or hat and colorful name tag stuck or pinned to your shirt. My first 5 week trip and the traveling I have completed since then is what has inspired me to start my own travel blog.

The goals of this website are:

  • Offer advice on places to see, experience, or eat off the “beaten path”.
  • Offer proven travel tips based on personal experience
  •  Provide people a glimpse of what I experienced through photography
  • To share my own experiences that may be helpful to someone someday.

My target audience:

  • People who now are “travelers”  (who may get a chuckle out of it)
  • Tourists
  • Those who may be thinking about leaving the ‘snow globe’ they live in, but just aren’t too sure they can do it or are wondering if it is still safe to travel in this ever-changing world we live in.

I hope you enjoy what you have seen on my travel website and you are able to bring something with you to help you with your own travels. Always feel free to come back and visit!  The door to my ‘wanderings’ and the world are always open!


  1. You did well to resign from that job! 😉

    • Thanks Miret! :-) I thought so too and I never looked back. Some people can just be so ignorant, but it’s just best to distance yourself from them. It worked out better anyway for me.

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