People Who Have Helped Or Have Inspired Me Along The Way


These are the links of websites that I enjoy visiting on-line and of those who have helped me out or inspired me along the way with my website and provided inspiration:

The Traveling Fool


Bob “The Traveling Fool” is a colleague and friend who gave me the ‘itch’ to start my own travel blog website.  Thanks to him I have no free time and stay up late when I am not working, but I mean that in a good way.  :-)








Sonia really helped me out a lot with a fantastic critique of my website and offered some great suggestions on how to improve it.  You should really check her website out or contact her if you are looking for help with your website as well.




The Travel Apprentice

Jeremy The Travel Apprentice has become an online friend and shares a love for Thailand like I do.  Jeremy writes about his travels and also offers tips on photography and travel through his own experiences through real life trial and error.  Jeremy has been into creating GIFs which are really awesome. Make sure you check out his site!


Tourism Thailand Blog



Eugene Goes To Thailand Facebook Page

Eugene was actually the first travel blog writer who I followed on Facebook.  I always enjoyed his journeys especially to   Thailand.  I actually want his job!  :-)  He’s a really great guy and I recommend you check out his Facebook page and his Tourism Thailand Blog.  Eugene is an exceptional photographer as well.

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