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Sleeping On Airport Floors? UGH! Travel Tip!

Sleeping On Airport Floors?  UGH! My Back! Well, here’s a Travel Tip! After a long unexpected and involuntary hiatus from my site, it feels good to be back.  My internet is also ‘iffy‘ so let’s see how this goes and lasts.  This travel tip is about an amenity that I figured a lot of weary… Read More »

Travel to The White Tower in Thessaloniki Greece

Have you ever been to Greece?  I hadn’t ever visited Greece until this year and it was a wonderful experience of people, food, culture, and night life.  This was a long weekend road trip through the Balkans starting via taxi from Kosovo into Macedonia; rental car through Macedonia; crossing the border into Macedonia, Greece from… Read More »


 Wacky Kosovo Cars are modes of homemade transportation you often see while ‘wandering’ around Kosovo.  They show up in the cities, traveling on the major roads or streets, or in the villages nearby during the warmer months mostly.  You may also see them in the winter too if there is no snow on the ground. Most… Read More »

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