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Green Market ‘Wanderings’ – OLD BAZAAR IN SKOPJE, MACEDONIA

Green Markets are found just about anywhere in the world.  Usually they are held on the weekend and people flock there to browse, search for, and buy fresh produce, fresh fruit, and maybe even fresh seafood or some other type of meat. Why are people drawn to these outdoor markets?  Most times the prices are… Read More »

Snapshot / Photograph Saturday – 06 OCT 2012

Snapshot /random photograph that I personally like and hope you do too on this wonderful Saturday.   During a road trip visit to the “old town” in Skopje Macedonia, my friends and I were enjoying a drink at a local café when this cat came out of the clothing shop across the street.  I though it… Read More »

Irish Pub, Skopje, Macedonia

This past weekend my Buddy’s and I decided to take a day trip to Skopje, Macedonia.  Sounds like a normal and easy thing to do, but if you haven’t experienced driving in the Balkans along the winding roads through the mountains and the craziness of the drivers you encounter along the way, it’s really not… Read More »

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