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Baghdad Iraq Memories – “HUMP DAY” PHOTOGRAPH 05DEC2012

Baghdad Iraq Memories.  I have quite a few; some very good ones and some, well… not so good. While “wandering” one day in Baghdad, I marveled at the sites I had only seen on television before coming to Iraq.  I remember thinking to myself, Here I am in Baghdad!  Well, the part Baghdad I could… Read More »


“HUMP DAY” Photograph of the Week This weeks “HUMP DAY” photograph of the week was taken while I was working in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I had to go visit a camp west of Baghdad called “Camp Korean Village (KV)” . Camp KV was located near the Syrian and Jordan borders out the middle… Read More »

Iraq War Roses

War Roses In Iraq While I was working in Mosul Iraq in 2006, I had the opportunity to travel from my Forward Operating Base (FOB), FOB Marez, to FOB Courage which was situated inside the city of Mosul.  This was an opportunity for me, a “FOBIT” (rhymes with “Hobbit”), to get “outside the wire” and… Read More »

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