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Chairman of the Board Area

improve urban life is my persistent pursuit of the dream!

LERTHAI Group takes the prosperous Chinese city as own duty, constantly strives for excellent, dedicating to creating a noble and beautiful life for the public, promotes the urban prosperity and happiness of the people, and achieves the spiritual pursuit above substance. It makes the city more vibrant and people's lives more colorful by the architecture with rich soul to bear the weight. This is our mission and pursuit!

Chairman of the Board Biography

  • Mr. Yang Longfei

    The chairman of China LERTHAI Commercial Real Estate Group, and president and CEO of LT Commercial Real Estate Limited (00112.HK),the 10th and 11th CPPCC National Committee member (specially invited person by Hong Kong and Macao CPPCC members).

  • Biographical

    I. Creating the brand of “Baolongcang”
    The initiating supermarket format in northern China became the first brand connected with Carrefour.
    In May 1998, the creation of “Baolongcang” brand introduced warehouse supermarket format for northern cities in China for the first time, and thus initiated the shopping time of “self-service”, pushing the commercial change in northern cities in China;
    In August 2009, “Baolongcang” stepped into China’s Top 500 Brands with the brand value of 3.296 billion yuan;
    In July 2010, "Baolongcang" brand connected with the French retail giant Carrefour. It created the unique dual-brand strategy cooperative model for Carrefour for the first time ever. Holding a higher proportion of shares, "Baolongcang" became the fist brand to cooperate with Carrefour. At present, Carrefour-Baolongcang Supermarket has the annual sales of 1.8 billion yuan.
    II. Creating the brand of “Lerthai”
    It initiated the inter-provincial commercial culture development model and pulled nearly 150 billion yuan of consumer demand
    On March 2001, it created China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group, focusing on the development and operation of urban complex;
    On May 2003, it created the first HOPSCA model in northern China, the 130,000 square meters of Tangshan Ocean City MALL, creating the successful example of China urban MALL;
    In March 2004, it created Xi’an Datang West City, the tourism theme oriented urban complex which was the only one rebuilt on the original address;
    In June 2009, it spent 5.3 billion yuan to build a world-class urban complex---Shijiazhuang Lerthai Center Project;
    In November 2010, it created the largest agricultural product logistics park in Northern China---Baolongcang Dahe International Logistics Park, covering the whole China. In 2018 it will achieve the overall operations with the annual sales exceeding 10 billion yuan;
    On March 2011, it initiated the investment plan of inter-provincial commercial, cultural and sport infrastructure, and signed more than 30 urban complex projects with 11 cities in Hebei Province. Construction area was over 10 million square meters, pulled nearly 150 billion yuan of urban construction and consumption demand, proving 330,000 jobs, newly sources of tax was over 17 billion yuan.
    III. Promoting “Lerthai Commercial Real Estate” to list on the main board in Hong Kong
    Creating 100-billion level of strong corporate brand and arranging “Lerthai” China territory
    In December 2012, it led LT Real Estate Limited, which was owned by China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group, to list on the main board in Hong Kong.  "Lerthai" urban territory rapidly created in China, continued to expand, stimulated employment, created tax and benefited people.