Corporate Culture

  • LERTHAI Vision

    Relying on international capital market, LERTHAI establishes the operation and management model geared to international management standards, introduces international strategic investment, forms strategic partnership with international world-class renowned enterprises, with which has the common value orientation, attracts and trains excellent talents equipped with international vision and thought, and acquired advanced management knowledge and skills. Constantly studying professional skills, we make fast and steady development of business, show the human spirit of "pursuit of perfection", integrate urban commercial coordinate and establish the landmark commercial project around the country, then set up the brand image and form the size effect, lead the urban commercial revolution and urban consumption trend, and become the sustained leader in the field of China's commercial real estate.

  • LERTHAI Mission

    Enhancing the value by quality and becoming the commercial real estate enterprise that is most trusted in China.
    Increasing the product value, employee value and enterprise value with the excellent quality and winning the trust of the society is not only our creed adhering to, but also our business objective.
    Excellent quality includes not only the superior quality, but also the service in place and noble lifestyle.
    We lead the new idea of urban development, improve the natural environment and human environment, and promote the process of urban internationalization. We abide by the professional ethics and operate the normative business honestly. We provide jobs and pay taxes according to the law.
    We offer the stage for employees to realize their own value, abide by our commitments to customers, provide a stable and continuous investment return of investment for shareholders; we are committed to the society and return the society with love.

  • LERTHAI Spirit

    Being good at study, making progress, continuing to innovate and reform is the fundamental motivation of the Group's development and growth. Strong will, persistent selflessness and pursuit of happy spirit are the engine of booster power.
    We have dream and firm will, with the momentum of persistent endeavor and never giving up, we make exploration repeatedly and strive to find inner joy of lifetime commitment. We dare to challenge "the impossible" and the traditional thinking, dare to challenge the empirical and inertial thinking mode and the new target. Failure or mistake is only the process and behavior of our progress, not the result, there is only constant struggle and advance but no forever failure.
    We pursue the state of career growth, and are not satisfied with a stable job and a substantial income. We are indomitable and never say die, we will always keep the confidence to win and the passion for entrepreneurship. We are neither proud of success nor discouraged for the failure. We are loyal to our career with solidarity and friendship; we encourage each other and pursue the excellence.

  • LERTHAI Core Value

    We always persist in honesty, which is our foundation to do things. We are good at seizing the innovative opportunity and perfecting innovative mechanism, as well as achieving value by the use of innovation. We are honest and self-disciplined, respecting the law and adhering to industry standards and professional ethics, maintaining image.
    We uphold win-win and competing principle, comply with the contract, respect the interests of our collaborators and seek common development. We keep promise to provide high-quality products and services, and create customer value.
    We provide a vast space to pursue the career and realize the value, make a fair return for the value created by our employees, and seek for common development of individual and enterprise. We insist on operating according to law, return on love, maintain and improve natural environment and human environment, as well as promote progress of social civilization.