Development History

  • 2014

    • 2014-12-21

      “LT Commercial Real Estate” successfully signed Lerthai Center Project in Gulou District in Nanjing.

    • 2014-12-18

      In the Investment Promotion of 2014 Important Project in Lubei District in Tangshan City, Tangshan Lerthai City project signed with the world’s six great international flagship brands like DTZ from Britain and Eurojoy from Austria, etc.

    • 2014-12-1

      Baolongcang (International) agricultural logistics center project owned by the Group sealed golden capping with joy.

    • 2014-11-20

      LT Commercial Real Estate Limited acquired South Hills Plaza Project of Covina City in California in America, and successfully completed the related transaction on November 20 US time.

    • 2014-11-6

      The Orange County’s prime land in Los Angeles in America purchased by LT Commercial Real Estate Limited before smoothly delivered on November 2nd US time.

    • 2014-9-10

      LT Commercial Real Estate Limited announced in September 10, 2014 that it spent 28.35 million dollars (about 220 million Hong Kong dollars) purchasing a land in U.S. California, planning to build the oversea Chinese LERTHAI City with the new concept of Chinatown.

    • 2014-7-9

      In the major project signing ceremony with Qixia District of Nanjing City, "LT Commercial Real Estate" successfully signed Nanjing LERTHAI Center Project with Qixia District of Nanjing City.

    • 2014-6-11

      In the "2014 China? Baoding (Shenzhen) Investment Promotion Meeting", "LT Commercial Real Estate" successfully signed "Baoding LERTHAI Center" project with Baoding government.

    • 2014-5-18

      In the "China Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair", "LT Commercial Real Estate" officially signed with Qiaoxi District of Xingtai City, and would spend 5 billion yuan to building an international standard large urban complex of 360,000 square meters---Xingtai LERTHAI Center.

    • 2014-5-15

      LT Commercial Real Estate Limited invested 8 billion yuan to build Tangshan LERTHAI City project, which was officially started.

  • 2012

    • 2012-12-18

      The commercial podium of Shijiazhuang LERTHAI Center was officially opened, attracting 336 well-known brands from 15 countries like Eurojoy from Austria, Carrefour from France, Tera Wellness Club from America and UME Cinema from Hong Kong to settle there in the same period, filling the commercial blank of 57 cities.

    • 2012-12

      It led LT Real Estate Limited, which was owned by China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group, to list on the main board in Hong Kong. "Lerthai" urban territory rapidly created in China, continued to expand, stimulated employment, created tax and benefited people.

  • 2011

    • 2011-03

      It initiated the investment plan of inter-provincial commercial, cultural and sport infrastructure, and signed more than 30 urban complex projects with 11 cities in Hebei Province. Construction area was over 10 million square meters, pulled nearly 150 billion yuan of urban construction and consumption demand, proving 330,000 jobs, newly sources of tax was over 17 billion yuan.

  • 2010

    • 2010-11

      It created the largest agricultural product logistics park in Northern China---Dahe International Agricultural Park, covering the whole China.

    • 2010-07

      "Baolongcang" brand connected with the French retail giant Carrefour. It created the unique dual-brand strategy cooperative model for Carrefour for the first time ever. Holding a higher proportion of shares, "Baolongcang" became the fist brand to cooperate with Carrefour.

  • 2009

    • 2009-08

      "Baolongcang" stepped into China's Top 500 Brands with the brand value of 3.296 billion yuan;

    • 2009-06-14

      Spent 5.3 billion yuan to build a world-class urban complex---Shijiazhuang LERTHAI Center Project;

  • 2004

    • 2004-03

      Created Xi'an Datang West City, the tourism theme oriented urban complex which was the only one rebuilt on the original address;

  • 2003

    • 2003-05

      Created the first HPOSCA model for northern China, the 130,000 square meters of Tangshan PELAGIC Ocean City MALL, making the successful model for China's city MALL;

  • 2001

    • 2001-03

      China LERTHAI Commercial Real Estate Group was formally established, focusing on the development and operation of urban complex;

  • 1998

    • 1998-05

      Established the brand of "Baolongcang", and first introduced the warehouse supermarket format for northern cities in China, created a "self-service" shopping era an pushed the commercial change in northern cities in China;