Le tai group of 2017 year China commercial real estate TOP100 list in commercial real estate leader

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On November 20th, sponsored by the new media views real estate "2017 China TOP100 commercial real estate and business performance of the year award" in Hong Kong.Le tai, China resources, swire, wharf, wanda, sun hung kai, hang lung, cade, Evergrande, rongsheng, citic Pacific, country garden's big enterprise, appear on the list.Through layers of screening and rigorous assessment, le tai commercial real estate group in China with years of China's urban economic prosperity and contribution to social development and many "firsts" in the field of financial assets, topped the industry's most authoritative "2017 China commercial real estate TOP100" list, 54, industry status more and more get of review and industry professionals.

"2017 year China commercial real estate TOP100" list Le Thai commercial real estate group in China topped the list of 54

We have learned, view business conference has successfully held four sessions."2017 year China commercial real estate TOP100 list" of the joint review mechanism by view commercial conference organizers, nearly hundred of China's most mainstream media and professional authority and industry association.List across the business landscape, covering north to guangzhou, four major first-tier cities and active lower-tier cities real estate development, logarithmic hundred famous domestic commercial property developers questionnaires, from the operating data, business management, innovation, brand effect indexes such as inventory and summary the market performance of commercial real estate developers since 2017, enough to think the rigour and authority of the award selection.

Le Thai group founder and chairman of the board long-fei Yang treasure bell ringing and quotation together with the important guests

As China's commercial real estate assets issuing securities field leading enterprise, le tai adhering to the focus of pragmatic spirit and craftsmen "a view of the city a landmark building" the pilot project of shijiazhuang le tai center, has opened in recent five years sustained predictable rental income and popularity of the brand reputation, and therefore, a rating agency, approval and recognition.On shijiazhuang le tai center high-quality assets, on August 30, le tai group successfully set up within the territory of the first single do not rely on the main body rating REITs products "le tai, REITs officially listed in shenzhen stock exchange.Main body rating the product without having to rely on credit and guarantees, the fundamental reason lies in the le Thai brand products with high quality of the underlying assets, the design of the stable income and pioneering, and business philosophy.Within the territory of the REITs products is not only "the first single do not rely on subjective rating REITs products", and "the first single REITs products in hebei province", or "the first single is not a line city commercial REITs quality products", and even "the lowest cost of the same type product REITs," for the Chinese city of high quality commercial property access to capital market support provides a feasible path.The issuance of 3.5 billion yuan, le tai REITs products products attracted commercial Banks, securities companies and other financial investment institutions and broad participation, subscribed over 1.3 times, confirms the domestic commercial real estate, financial capital field of le tai power and brand influence.

Currently, le tai group is followed by the development of Chinese urban economic lifeline and the national strategy of "area", deep in China and global layout, in beijing-tianjin-hebei, the Yangtze river economic belt, the pearl river - xijiang economic belt, speed up the layout, shijiazhuang, tangshan le tai center have been successfully developed ocean city MALL, tangshan le tai center, handan le tai city and other cities benchmarking project.Le tai group has always been adhering to the "world business hand in hand, change the city life" vision and "a view of the city a landmark" concept, actively explore the development strategy of "commercial real estate and financial investment" wings, forming in real estate development, commercial real estate leasing and operating as the core business, comprehensively promote capital investment and operation, Internet financial, cultural tourism projects, such as diversified business development strategy, driven by real estate and financial holding strategic planning, implementation with melting, wings development good situation.

In the future, le tai group will work together with the social from all walks of life, concentric, gaining sailing, win-win sharing high quality commercial property returns, jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of domestic real estate industry.