Le Thai group first career management of "le tai law" published books

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On December 8, le tai commercial real estate group in China the first professional code of conduct guidelines "le tai law" formally published, this is le tai group in the face of leapfrog development, in 2017 a new era of "scream", is the ideology and culture in the new period, also is a year in the development of le tai group charter.

Le tai group unreservedly reduction for several years in the development of case, the experience of the Thai people and the core of the chairman of the board, layer upon layer rectified work target management, execution, work principle, many aspects, such as reach work nature and essence, "le tai law" is the integration of the concept of enterprise culture construction and cultural behavior.

"Le tai law" tightly around the "professional, professional, dedicated" the core, from the management system, professional conduct and ethics and the professional skills and professional attitude to carry out series of standards.Through the system, help people quickly into the workplace, realize life value;To help enterprises build first-class staff, make its in improving its quality at the same time, pointed out the direction to build highly efficient team.