Believe struggle for the future - le tai group 2017 annual strategic development annual meeting held successfully

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On February 4, 2018 to February 8, le tai group 2017 annual strategic development annual meeting held successfully.Le tai group and its various project gathered senior management personnel, China's commercial real estate group chairman of the board, le tai commercial real estate (00112 HK) chairman and chief executive Mr Long-fei Yang also to attend, together with all of you looking back at the past, looking to the future, the development of the group under the overall planning for the new era.

In the face of numerous and complicated and changeful world economy and industry competition situation, in the head Evergrande, the stronger the strong era, le tai group accurate pulse industry market trends, submission time development needs, in 2017, still maintained a good momentum of development, the indicators development is good, its financial system, the asset management system, the real estate development system and so on various sections are achieved excellent results.In the financial section, creatively implement the le tai REITs domestic listed on the first list does not rely on the main body rating, le tai REITs their 2017 endowment GuanJinDing award for best only door features;In the property sector, the medium-term performance of listed companies in 2017 an increase of 142 times, profitability;At the same time, le Thai brand won the Chinese commercial real estate TOP100 list, best influence China's annual 2017 listed companies such as honor.

Le Thai people to "professionalization and specialization, dedication" of the "three" job accomplishment, with the will and wisdom to compose the history of the group, tves 勇做 era, with the drive to achieve the group by advancing with The Times, with broad loftiness of building roads, to process the pen of finely crafted polishing for the city's distinctive works of fine art.
Congress pointed out that, in 2018 group will pay more attention to results oriented efficient management, to achieve a more scientific and more efficient systematic development strategy, establish an le fort.Le tai group will continue to "people's better life" as the vision, in the perspective of global industrial system layout, building real estate + financial wings development strategy, lead the new pattern of the commercial real estate, committed to the city better life;Stick to the "chain don't copy", "a view of the city a landmark" development model, in order to better promote city new appearance, improve people's quality of life and spiritual pleasure.Group in 2018 will also be adhering to the "create wealth, public welfare society", social responsibility and corporate mission, adhere to the public welfare activities, creating employment and tax revenues and help people's happy life.

Long-fei Yang, chairman of the board of group management and the le Thai people expressed heartfelt thanks and warm encouragement, and the New Year's wishes., he said, the path of the Thai people, is the path to glory to the fate of the avenue, le Thai people's dream, is with China corresponds to the dreams, for the people to bring new life happy dreams.We would like to set goals, step forward, treat work as a career, open le tai group and create the bright future of urban life.