Le tai international famous management consulting firm deloitte, hand in hand to build the efficient management pattern, and paint business management a new chapter

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On April 17, le ted frequently held a kick-off meeting for management consulting projects, group and mid-level managers, as well as its Hong Kong, Beijing attended all the company's management, group chairman of the board long-fei Yang also through the video to attend the meeting, and made important instructions.

Le tai will hand in hand to deloitte consulting, from the management strategy of diagnosis and combed, organization, control system, process, system optimization, organizational performance and compensation system, improve human resources management and other aspects, such as committed to le tai management efficiency improvement.

Chairman long-fei Yang pointed out that the management of the partnership with deloitte consulting, is both sides based on the value of a common vision and like-minded enterprise concept combination, is a line in the history of le tai, is le tai start point of the new era, is the mission of the group is remarkable.Management of ascension is not one thing, on the road, want to open roads meeting the mountain, the water bridge, will manage through ascension.

Le ted attendance management consulting projects a kick-off meeting for the venue (Hong Kong)

Le ted attendance management consulting projects can (main)

Since early 2018, le tai group, determine to "management for their own ascension" inside plastic main direction, to search for new management performance throughout the year and find realistic solutions for group management model update, as to optimize the business model of perfect and effective way.To cooperate with international famous management consulting firm deloitte, is key to promote themselves in its management innovation in the journey.

Le Thai after 20 years development, has become a have billions of assets of listed public companies, as in the business environment of the amazon rainforest, in the face of rapid social change, need to always maintain high mental state is committed to the renewal of the business model to adapt to the demand of the society.Management ascension is necessary, keep up with the trend of the development of management's goal to ascend a will help to improve the comprehensive management level, improve the external environment of dynamic adaptability, help le Thai brand health and sustainable development.

"River water river", and the benign development of the enterprise organization, will for the growth of the Thai employees provided strong impetus, bring the continuous growth of the individual value, promote the ability of the individual, to meet the needs of employees to pursue career development.

Le Thai adhering to the "world business hand in hand, change the city life" vision, improve internal management, is not only the departure point of le tai new era, but also is expected to pass can assign after le tai power, to promote the urban development of a major new picture contribution.

"Nature is the true law", "should be in the therapeutic principle", le tai management ascension, conform to the enterprise to develop steadily, the pursuit of progress improve internal requirements, agreed with le tai bring better life for the city's development vision, condensation characteristics of le tai group of management wisdom to create unique market value, promote the tripartite win-win enterprise, employees and society.

Cause for talent, talent for business."Of the talent, the more the place of healing or", le tai pursuing the organization control ability and comprehensive management level, realize the maximization of the value of the formation of the "almighty, form, the sucker" political ecology of enterprise, through the system and the mechanism of rewards and punishments to be willing, thought, ability, performance, pay attention to and get a valuable employee promotion space.

Le tai, hand in hand with deloitte consulting is exploring le tai management one of the practice path and the realization form of ascension, to promote the le Thai internal organization efficient operation.Great achievement is the result of a succession struggle, great career need in inheriting and promoting,Through self innovation and self sublimation, le tai can because of steady management ascension, because xing management ascension;Make a wish, dare to bear, yong creation, a desire for success, le Thai people can "due to the platform to promote growth, achievement dream by management can improve fu