Le tai group, "my time, your hair" mother's day exhibition is about to launch

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To greet the arrival of the mother's day, Thanksgiving le tai group behind the hero - le Thai mother's efforts and dedication, no le tai group coming in5month12day- 5month14Offline, mother's day festival.Film festival to show content to le le tai tai group and the company of affiliation with the mother's happiness group photo, focusing on le Thai mother the youth elegant demeanor, recorded in precious mother FangNian s grateful mother love, wake up love ceremony feeling in different ways.Held at le tai group, the domestic various projects (shijiazhuang, tangshan le le tai center in street center1Gate atrium, tangshan city of ocean1Layer, handan city marketing center).

Since the show,5month2Day began soliciting, le Thai employees respond actively and participate in, after a week of time, collected more than work.Le Thai workers have said, mother's day this year, no longer let love lie on the circle of friends, hope in a special way, feedback to the mother's love, and the film festival shows le Thai mothers youthful era, recorded their young appearance, is very special and meaningful gift.

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