Model agitation, Future strength, Lerthai Group's 2018 Annual Awards Conference was successfully held

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All the way through the struggle of the Letai people, through numerous difficulties, in the development history of Letai left a vibrant spirit! Using wisdom and innovation to lead development, writing poems with loyalty, the excellent employees of Letai radiate the light of progress, like a banner, to guide the direction.

Main venue

▲Parallel sessions

Parallel sessions

In order to inspire the fighting morale of the whole staff in the new year and encourage the staff of Lerthai to continue their efforts, on January 31, 2019, the annual award and recognition conference of Lerthai Group, which is an example-inspiring and future force, was held solemnly. The exciting moment was witnessed by the top management of Letai Group and its projects, the award-winning team representatives, the award-winning individuals and the group staff representatives.

Adhering to the principle of "selective and careful selection", after layer by layer selection, Group executives and group personnel constitute decision-making committees to conduct special audits of the entrants. Thirty-six key Lerthai elites and seven excellent teams stand out from thousands of Lerthai employees and become the best Lerthai in 2018.

On the scene of the conference, Zhang Yan, Vice President and Co-President of Lerthai Group, and Guo Niya, Senior Vice President of Lerthai Group, delivered speeches respectively to encourage the excellent staff to continue their efforts and to give full play to the strength of their role models

The awarding link is an important part of this congress, which pushes the atmosphere on the spot to a climax. A total of 13 awards were set up, including Outstanding Employee Award (Sanhua Star, Best Property Talent, Property Talent Star), Best New Award, Leap Forward Award, Holding Planning Award, Hand-in-Hand Award, Management Excellence Award, Income Pioneer, Outstanding General Manager Award (Hard to Overcome, Best Partner, Acting as Hero, Best Multidimensional Hand), Outstanding Team Award and Outstanding Contribution Award. Team awards, a total of 36 outstanding employees and 7 outstanding teams received honorary recognition.

Excellent employees are commended for their good practice of the spirit of "professionalism, professionalism and dedication" of the company and their outstanding contributions in logistics support work; they adhere to customer first, constantly improve the level of service, customer demand-oriented, customer demand-oriented, meet customer demand as the working standard; provide professional and thoughtful property services, customer satisfaction is very high. High, enhance the company's property service quality.

Best Newcomer Award winners receive recognition. As new employees, they quickly integrate into the collective and do their work well. Although they have been on the job for less than one year, they have achieved excellent results in the probation period. They agree with the corporate culture and have outstanding performance, which is the best among the new employees.

The winners of the Progress Award are commended for their positive working attitude, strong sense of responsibility, perseverance and great improvement in their performance over last year. They continue to learn and make outstanding progress in professional skills and comprehensive qualities.

▲Financial award winners are recognized for their hard work every day. They are financial employees. They work diligently and conscientiously. They know all kinds of data. They have made outstanding contributions to the department's annual goals with patience and confidence.

▲The winners of the Hard Work Award are commended for their dull work, which becomes rich and vivid. They are employees of human resources administration. They actively undertake the work of their own post, work diligently and conscientiously, and have made outstanding contributions to fulfilling the department's annual goals.

 The winner of the management award is recognized and the top team comes from the top leaders. They take innovative management methods to actively work, improve the management efficiency of the company, and provide a guarantee for the accumulation of long-term competitiveness of the company.

Income pioneer winners are commended for their ability to seize market opportunities and seize market opportunities. They lead the team through the same boat and accomplish the annual work objectives well. They have achieved significant revenue value for the company and made outstanding contributions to the company's continued profits.

▲The winners of the Excellent General Manager Award are commended. They use practical action and personality charm to lead the team, use professional knowledge to guide the work, use scientific means to manage, and build a strong team of excellence.

In 2018, many outstanding teams emerged in the group. They are the most effective team, full of passion, brave difficulties and pioneers of the group development. They work hard and innovate constantly. They have made remarkable achievements in all kinds of work and contributed their strength to the development of the group.

  The outstanding contribution award winning team representative receives the commendation, has one kind of spirit is never defeated, one kind of team is called invincible, one kind of success is called real fame. They innovate ideas, surpass themselves, refresh their achievements with new wisdom, and display their talents in the fierce market competition. They have created remarkable achievements and established indelible merits for the development of the group.

After the award presentation, the award-winning individual representatives and team representatives made brilliant speeches respectively. Whether accompanied by more than 20 years of old employees or new employees, all Letai employees form a heart, let the miracle continue to appear. They dare to think, dare to do, dare to rush, persevere and never give up the spirit, so that every Lerthai people present are excited.

The way the Letai people work is the most beautiful scenery. The Letai people have faith and make their actions more powerful! This beautiful thing is the driving force for Le Tai to continue to move forward in 2019!

This Congress reviews the changes and growth of the staff in 2018. It is full of confidence and hope and opens a new chapter for Letai to meet challenges and opportunities in the new year.

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