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Social Responsibility

LERTHAI Group  Social Responsibility

LERTHAI Group has always been adhering to the social responsibility and enterprise mission of "promoting prosperous city and public society", constantly chasing the people's livelihood and well-being. For more than ten years, LERTHAI has always been pursuing to be a social enterprise and taking the social responsibility. At present, China LERTHAI Commercial Real Estate Group has been has been in the forefront of China's private enterprises, representing the development direction of Chinese private enterprises. In terms of creating jobs, paying tax, green and low carbon, charitable donation and volunteer service, etc. our group all undertakes the excellent social responsibility, contributing a great force to economic, social and cultural development of Chinese city.


Actively and honestly paying tax

Over the years, various types of taxes LERTHAI Group has paid is over 600 million yuan, it makes great contribution to promoting economic and social development.


Adding a large number of jobs

Over the years, LERTHAI Group has created more than 100,000 jobs in cities. In 2013, our Group has created about 40,000 new jobs across the country.


Advocating energy conservation and emission reduction

LERTHAI Group actively promotes the concept of "Green Building", is one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to carry out energy efficiency in building.


Contributing to the society with kindness

"Promoting prosperous city and public society" is the enterprise public concept that our Group always adheres to. Over the years, our Group actively participated in social welfare, charitable donations and condolences activities, directly investing over 30 million yuan for charitable funds.