Commercial Retail

Commercial retail is one of the major formats of LERTHAI Group. On the management and operation parts of LERTHAI's self-sustaining commercial retail, LERTHAI has many years of successful experience, for example, the brand of Wu Lian Department Store. Meanwhile, the Group has formed strategic cooperation with Carrefour Group, the second largest retailer in the world. The brand of supermarket retail owned by the Group is Baolongcang, which has merged with Carrefour and formed Carrefour-Baolongcang Supermarket, with over 10 stores.

  • Baolongcang-Carrefour?

    Baolongcang Brand was founded in May 1998, and is the earliest hypermarket in Shijiazhuang City and even in Hebei Province. In August 2009, Baolongcang entered China’s top 500 brands with the brand value of 3.296 billion yuan. In July 2010, Baolongcang made successful cooperation with Carrefour and established Hebei Baolongcang-Carrefour Commercial Limited, creating the unique strategic cooperation model with dual-brand operation in its history, and Baolongcang became the first brand cooperated with Carrefour holding a higher proportion of shares.
  • Tangshan?Wu?Lian?Department?Store

    Wu Lian Department Store officially stationed in Tangshan Ocean City Shopping Plaza in October 2013, initiating the regional department store in Tangshan city. It has the total operating area of 25,000 square meters, total assets of 32.52 million yuan, and existing employees of 900, with the sales of 290.96 million yuan. As the advocate of fashionable life, Wu Lian Department Store provides fashionable space to make people’s lives better so as to maximize the value of shareholders and employees, assuming the social responsibility of the rapidly changing era as the enterprise purpose.