Somewhere Over The Caribbean
Flying Somewhere Over The Caribbean
Client: VacationWanderer
Date: 30/08/2013
Flying South Over The Caribbean Towards The Dominican Republic

Somewhere Over The Caribbean

Seldom do you get to clearly witness natural wonders that you are passing over while flying to your destination.  This photograph taken on a trip to the Dominican Republic reveals one of the exceptions you get the chance to experience.

Flying somewhere over the Caribbean we passed over this group of Islands that stood out so clearly in the beautiful blue ocean below.  The stark color contrast of the islands and the ocean was so impressive.  Blue happens to be my favorite color too, so I was loving it.  :)

I was just stuck like a bug against the window as the ocean passed below us and luckily I had my iPad mini out so I could grab this memory.  I am sure I drove the people behind me crazy while I just clicked away.  :)  I was just mesmerized by the view and little did I realize this was just an introduction of the beautiful landscapes that were in store for me at my destination.

So, does anyone know the place we are looking at?  :)


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