U.S. Capitol Building Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C
Client: VacationWanderer
Date: 29/03/2014
U.S. Capitol Building illuminated in the evening.

U.S. Capitol Building in its evening splendor.

The U.S. Capitol Building is amazing to see during the day, however, because of the reduced chance of “photo bombers” ending up in your photographs, night-time is the premium time to see it.

The difference of night and day definitely pertains to the U.S. Capitol Building when taking a photograph of it.  Your day shots are going to include ‘the masses‘ jockeying for the best picture they want to capture.  You will find yourself standing there, silently, patiently waiting for that couple or family to get their picture taken. As soon as they move on, maybe smiling in passing, and you put your camera to your eye, someone will ultimately walk right in front of you and start posing for their photographer.  They will appear totally oblivious to those around them, even you, who they initially saw standing there when they arrived.  So during the day, patience is a virtue and you will eventually get your shot, after uttering a few curses under your breath, or you can edit your shot later if futility reigns.  :)

Night-time is a different story.  The masses disappear and you are free to take as many shots from as many angles as you like.  Sure, you have people lined up near the reflecting pool, but there’s plenty of room and this is when the U.S. Capitol Building shines.  The glow and contrast from the city lights behind it adds to its splendor.  Word of caution though, because there are fewer people around at night, just be aware of your surroundings.  :)

Safe and happy wanderings! :)



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